Yes, back to normal
When you're used to it, existential crisis mode feels comfortable.


I've been addressing the information I just received that I have a rubber allergy 
(the effect of which has been a severe, blistering rash on my hand).
Nothing snaps a person out of existential crisis mode like a practical matter.
But things may be back to normal on Monday.


The only reason I think this may not be normal,
is that not everyone is.
Or are they? You?


On the whole, I would say I am highly existential crisis-prone.


I would like to understand why I fear it instead.
I have a lot of fear in me.
Fear is an emotion, caused by something else.


Every single thing that lives, dies.
We cannot have one without the other.
If we value life, we ought to, logically, value death, because it's a critical component to life.


Even though it seems I get caught up chasing a million microscopic concerns,
the only thought that stays as any sort of a constant at all,
the thought that is behind all the other thoughts
is simply...


I've been doing a wobbly job of not over-thinking.
I'm not thinking about it, just aware of it.
But not thinking about it.
Is it possible to be aware, but not over-think?
I think that's the goal...