Sometimes I feel like just solving my own problems would be helpful too.
Or at least a place to start.


Quick question, does anyone else go to bed at night feeling kind of troubled and guilty that you haven't figured out a solution for most of the world's larger problems yet?
Or is it just me?


And I live so aware of their meaninglessness.
I'm self-critical and frustrated with myself for having them.
Doesn't make them go away.


And I just wonder...how can I have any wants?
Not a single one of my wants is a necessity.


Sure, a person might think she neeeeds several pairs of new shoes, new glasses,
jewelry, a new dress, a new coat, a new hat...
but those are really wants.


A person wants what she wants.
I want to be loved and understood.
But I also need that.


I need to suss out which wants started out as specific,
unrelated needs, and just morphed into something else due to neglect.
And of course somethings...you just want.