Quick update before continuing on Monday - I believe a reader* called it last week -
took the x-ray today and results are, yes, pneumonia.
Antibiotics are working as I type.

*Sewing in CT


31. What are my favorite names?

My favorite names are the ones used, by anyone who loves me, to refer to me.


.30 ...continued

What is a hero?
I don't have any heroes.
I don't believe in heroes.
And yet, everyone is my hero.
What I mean is...people are complicated.
We are all capable of heroic gestures, every day, everyone.


.30 Who are my heroes in real life?

Well...the thing about this question is...


29. Which historical figure do I most identify with?

I relate to every unknown person in history who tried to live with dignity.
When I am in the British Museum looking at a piece of wall circa 1350BC taken from Egypt, depicting servants and guests at a feast, I wonder about the people who made the material that the wall was built from. I wonder who helped gather supplies to make the paints. I wonder about their families and their lives. I wonder at their smallness, their invisibility, yet their undeniable existence.


.28 Who is my hero of fiction?

Sherlock Holmes, as written by Conan Doyle, and portrayed by Jeremy Brett.

Any ideas?

Before I answer number 27, a quick survey for ideas. I'm still coughing. It's mostly a dry cough and every once in a while...it's a...productive cough. There is no pain when I breathe, I am not wheezing. I am taking mucinex*, steaming my face in boiling water and sliced ginger, drinking a variety of teas, hot water with honey and lemon and ginger, hot showers, apple juice, having chicken soup, saline spray, resting. Everything I can do. The coughing will not stop. I need it to stop.

*Very much not a product endorsement.


27. Who are my favorite writers?

Yes, still sick.

I like different writers for different things at different times, and never for everything all at once.
I don't have a favorite restaurant, a favorite color, or a favorite ice cream flavor, for that matter.
Are others less mercurial??


Since, in my feverish state, I was posting here last week, a brief health update now:

Yesterday was the first day the fever went away. 
In many ways that is a good thing, but I do feel bad that the lingering cough will start to feel lonely.


26. What do I most value in my friends?

Well this has been on my mind quite a bit lately. 
The thing that really registers a feeling of gratitude and value is
when friends are deeply supportive.


25. What is my most marked characteristic?

I think a characteristic is something noted by someone else, about you. Or maybe I am the only person who doesn't think of herself as a collection of characteristics. It is other people who need to identify and define things to understand us, no? I just go on being me. But if I were to guess what might be selected if I took a survey on the outside: self-contained.