Sure, a person might think she neeeeds several pairs of new shoes, new glasses,
jewelry, a new dress, a new coat, a new hat...
but those are really wants.


A person wants what she wants.
I want to be loved and understood.
But I also need that.


I need to suss out which wants started out as specific,
unrelated needs, and just morphed into something else due to neglect.
And of course somethings...you just want.


I have perfectly nice wants.
Really I like them quite a bit.
But they do claim a very large amount of my time...


I am forever pulled between two opposing needs:
to communicate. to withdraw.


After the effort to be understood, I usually come back to wanting silence.
I cannot maintain noise.


For that matter, how different am I from 20 years ago? And how different will I be in 20 years?


Well, that concludes the questionnaire. I tried to answer each question with as much honesty
as I could access (we all have ways of hiding things from ourselves). I wonder now, would
my answers have been very different ten or fifteen years ago? Twenty?
What about twenty years in the future. I am curious.